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Remember you can only kick straight to touch if you're behind your own 22m line. Anywhere else on the pitch and the ball must bounce first before crossing the sideline. If it goes straight in, the...

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FREE KICK. (f) Outside the kicker’s 22, no gain in ground. When a free kick awarded outside the 22 goes directly into touch, the throw-in is in line with where the ball was kicked, or where it went into touch, whichever is nearer the kicker's goal-line. (g) Inside the kicker’s 22 or in-goal, gain in ground.

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The ball must land in the field-of-play. If it is kicked directly into touch, the opposing team has three choices: To have another drop-out, or. To have a scrum at the centre of the 22-metre line, and they throw in the ball, or. To accept the kick. If they accept the kick, the throw-in is on the 22-metre line. 15 BALL GOES INTO THE IN-GOAL FROM A DROP-OUT

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If the ball is kicked into touch the team that kicked it gets the throw in at the resulting line-out and it is always taken where the ball crosses the line. Free kicks are similar, except a shot at goal can not be taken and if the ball is kicked into touch the kicking team does not receive the throw at the ensuing line-out. There is also no gain in ground from the free kick if kicked directly into touch, unless it was taken from behind the kicking team's 22-metre line.

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When the ball is kicked into touch other factors are considered. For more detail look for the 22 metre line and area of the rugby field. Throwing, jumping, lifting in a lineout. The hooker usually throws in the ball. The front of the lineout is positioned on the 5 metre in from touch line and the ball must go at least 5 metres. There is another ...

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It must touch the ground before you kick it. When you perform this kick you drop the ball to the ground on one of the pointed ends. After the ball strikes the ground and starts to rise you kick it.

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Understanding rugby union - Kicking out of hand. In rugby union, outside of ball-carrying and passing the ball, the third main option when in possession is for the player to kick the ball out of their hands. When the kicker kicks the ball, all the kickers team-mates who are chasing the ball, must have been behind the kicker when the kick took place.

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Posts. 5,774. Re: Penalty kick to touch. Another point of law for consideration is when; (i) a defender with one foot in touch catches a PK falling into the FoP, and (ii) a defender standing in touch catches a PK falling direct into touch. This is usually employed by a canny defence to stop the attacking side taking advantage of a QT.