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For casual soccer bettors the transition to point spread betting is typically smoother than moneyline betting – especially if the bettor is used to betting point spread sports like basketball or football. It is also much easier for a casual bettor to assess the likelihood of an outcome when there are only two to deal with.

Moneyline vs Spread Betting: Which Should You Choose?

What Is Spread Betting? Spread betting is slightly more complicated than moneyline betting. But it’s not that hard to figure out. When you place a spread bet, you’ll need the team that you bet on to “cover the spread” that was created for the game in order for you to win. Let’s use the Packers/Bears game as an example again.

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Betting against the spread provides a much better opportunity to do this. A moneyline bet is a much better option for certain sports. Nonetheless, it’s hard to make any real money with this type of wager. If a sport has a spread betting option available, it’s almost always worth it to go with that option. A spread bet is usually your best bet. But keep in mind that you still need to ensure it’s right for your specific circumstances.

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Live betting will be adjusted regularly according to the game process. Moneyline; The win or lose bet is just a bet on which team will win. It is offered as the main betting option for baseball and hockey, but can be used as an alternative to the spread of football and basketball.

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Just like the money line, there is a downside to using the point spread, which is the fact that the team you pick has to cover the spread in order to win. If you pick a team to win at -3, it means that they have to win the game by more than three points, which means if they win by three points, the bet is called a push, which is a draw, and you get your money back.

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Moneyline betting involves fewer variables, and simplicity is a good thing. The flipside, of course, is that moneyline underdogs have to win the game, while point spread underdogs have a cushion. I’ll give up that cushion for the payoff as we’ll discuss next.

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MONEYLINE (sometimes also known as 1x2) = 3 WAY BET. you choose between both sides or draw. no push here. SPREAD. PK,+0.5 (or sometimes called +0.25) = DRAW will give you HALF WIN, HALF PUSH. PK ...