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How much would it cost to build a sand volleyball court?

If you're planning to build a beach volleyball court, do it right, and be prepared to invest a fair amount of time and money. Approximate cost in 2017 to have your court installed is $35K. Otherwise, you could end up with the world's most expensive sand box.

Cost of Multi-Sport Game Court

Cost of multi-sport game court can range from $6,200-$19,000* 9 Key Factors to Consider. As with most construction projects, the cost to build multi-sport game court can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Below are 9 key elements to estimating the cost to build a multi-sport game court in your backyard.

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287.5 ton/court @ $33 = $28,462.50 862.5 tons x 50 miles x .10 = $ 4,312.50 TOTAL for Sand = $32,775.00 3 net systems @ $4500 = $13,500.00 Misc(lines, anchors, shipping) 2,000.00 Total for Sand + Nets $48,275 *Does not include cost of land, site preparation or drainage substructure

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Like any other major construction project, the cost to build a backyard basketball court will vary depending on a number of different factors. One of the most seemingly obvious factors is size – the larger the court, the more expensive the project. A compact “shooting lane” court can be built for less than a full-size tennis court with ...

Volleyball: Building a low-cost sand court

So with a lot of labor and a little money, I built a playable volleyball court. I still need to improve it (lighting is the priority), but it did the job. Here's the rough cost rundown, excluding my "free" labor: 1) Posts: $30 2) Net: $40 3) Lines, stakes: $20 4) Hooks, fasteners: $20 5) Site prep: $50 (including weed killer) 6) Sand: $360

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Free space required for college courts: 15′. Free space required for professional courts: 19’6″. 3. Boundary lines: Can be made from either 1″ rope, or 2″ tape lines. 4. Nets: An outdoor net for a sand volleyball court will measure 32′ width x 39″ height. 5. Men’s net height: Just under 8′ tall. 6.

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Sport Court’s modular volleyball courts are designed to provide low life-cycle costs, easy maintenance, and exceptional value. SportProsUSA will deliver your Sport Court volleyball court with quick installation, unmatched project management, and superior customer service.

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Unrivaled Volleyball Court Design. One of the things that make your volleyball court unique to you is the volleyball court’s design. Your volleyball court design should represent you, your team or your school, and the professionals at Rhino Sports will make sure that you receive a court that reflects the look and feel that you are shooting for.